Jul 242014

What are three reasons for goal self improvement and motivation to reach your goals?

Many people think that reaching their personal goals is a difficult process. Their are many methods to choose from. You have to find a method that fits your life style and your personality. I find that, this is the hardest think to do. Their will be many factors to consider when choose a method to follow: family, work, relationships, time and more.

Here are three to consider:

1. Inspiration:

Inspiration is critical to staying motivated. If you are not interested in your personal goal, improving it will be difficult. Your motivation level will never be high and you will not be able to sustain interest for very long. Taking an honest look at your motivational level will help you gauge whether you will succeed. Ask yourself :Are you excited about achieving a personal goals? If you are not if will be difficult to accomplish. Keep your goals close to your heart. Most individuals will lose steam and grow tired because their goal doesn't have any personal passion. You passion to help you stay focused during the difficult times. If you do not like your goal, then think how you can re-focus your personal goal to better match your needs. You may need to change the goal or rewrite it. If inspiration is missing, there will not be any motivation. .

2. Personal goal setting:

Once you decide on a goal setting method you should include short and long-term goals. If you don't set goals, you won't have a definite path of self improvement. Take the time to write your goals. A goal setting plan may sound daunting, but it is really nothing more than goals, strategies and implementation. Include mini-goals that can be accomplished in weeks as well as grand-goals that may take years to complete. Refer to your your goal sheets throughout the year. But can a personal goal worksheet really help motivate you? Of course. Written goals will make you feel more in control. It will also free you from having to restart your goal process every single day.

3.Goal support buddy:

Another important factor in getting and staying motivated is to find a goal support buddy. When taking on personal goal setting having someone to encourage you and hold your hand can make the difference between success and failure. Doing this process alone is one of the most difficult parts. You can never be on your way to self improvement without the help of others. Mutual buddy support is a great motivator. Make it easier on yourself by find a compatible buddy in person or online. Even when your personal goals are not related, you will often find some goal that you have in common. Many successful goal buddies state that when they found the right person it was a turning point in their ability to reach their personal goals. Working together, goal buddies can help each other solve problems faster and more efficiently. Sharing ideas, expertise and experience is also an invaluable aspect of motivation and self improvement. Your own personal goal buddy will help re-energize you when the burdens of your goals seem too much. With your goal buddy you can accomplish more goals in less time and probably have more fun in the process. You will feel more motivated to accomplish self improvement goals when you know you are not alone. Remember to celebrate all successes no matter how big or small.

If your interested in finding information on personal goal setting, methods to follow and factors that effect your ability to achieve them come visit me at http://www.squidoo.com/goal-motivation-setting

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Jul 152014

The problem with most of us is that we set goals and DON’T execute or plan them correctly.  Setting goals are relatively easy and I’m going to show you how to build that foundation. Stop procrastinating and take massive action now.
Pull out your pen and paper and write down your goals for Self Empowerment and the steps to achieve them.
How great would it be if you could…
Stop talking about your goals and start achieving them
Get rid of doubts and fears that are holding you back
Decide exactly what you want in your life and how to get it
Stay focused on your goals and easily overcome obstacles
Become entirely self confident in your ability to do anything
Stay self motivated and never think of giving up
Face your nay sayers with confidence and turn them into supporters
In this post I am going to share with you some tips and techniques on goal setting and self empowerment.
1. Make your goals as specific as possible
You can set a goal just by vaguely saying something like “This year I want to lose weight” without being specific. Instead you need to set your goal with a specified measurable result and timeline…i.e. “I want to lose 15 lbs in 6 months”. Once you have a clear objective of what you want, the better chances for success and self empowerment.
2. Prioritize your goals
Having a great big goal also means that it requires a lot of time and effort to achieve. Take your great big goal and break it into smaller goals which are easier to manage and prioritize them by level of importance. It is estimated that 97% of people fail more and eventually give up at achieving their goals because they try to handle everything in one shot. ***WARNING*** If you break your goals and prioritize them you have a higher chance of success. You will be more motivated to push on as you accomplish each goal.
3. Be Flexible
You will face a few road blocks that will obstruct your path to self empowerment, so be flexible and set alternatives to achieving your goal.
4. Network with the right people
You must associate yourself with the correct people that support you in achieving your goals and separate yourself from all of the naysayers. This will help you develop a positive mindset and you will feel more motivated in achieving your goal.
Once you complete and implement these steps you will develop a great sense of self empowerment.
Those around you will also experience the positive change in you.


I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 11 years old.  Whether I was shining shoes of local businessmen or getting paid to carry people’s bags home from the neighborhood grocery store, I became accustomed to the pride and freedom that came with working for myself.

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Jun 262014

Mind is the most effective and powerful self development tool.  The fact is that we hardly see it this way. We are continuously searching outside to bring a change inside us. Remember, this can never take place. Personal development is a process that involves improving ones communication skill sets, ones level of confidence, learning manners & fine etiquettes, and adding grace and style to the ones looks and brining in liveliness and positivity. The complete development process happens over a time period. Personal improvement helps to develop and build up relationship and assists in career growth. 

The most excellent courses and books on personal improvement teach you know about your innermost beliefs and fears. In simple terms, personal development signifies improved identity & self knowledge and develops potential & talent. Improve quality of life, realize aspirations & dreams, and build up human capital.  More importantly, it can help you utilize your mind to face all the troubles that are pulling you down. Remember, the methods may differ but success entirely depends upon motivational factor. A lot of successful courses make people aware of meditation, affirmations, visualization and behavioral analysis. Now, let us go through some tips on ways to allow the mind function its way out of challenges and fears.

Prior to proceeding further, make sure that you are open about negative and positive aspects of the character and be eager to change sub consciousness. Keep in mind, truthfulness is an initial step towards awareness or personal development. Then follows setting of goals, desire to attain goals and strength of mind to achieve those goals. Moreover, for all these one has to be eager to invest sincere effort and time. You need to be well prepared to confront a certain level of opposition, ridicule with family & friends and even resistance.  Most of the people find it tricky to say “No” to others.

We all wish to be well known as helpful and very nice. But it is impossible to say “Yes” every time. never do things in a hurry. Also, do not take things for granted. Be determined to emotions in a long run. When it is about individual personal development, key factors that are included are improving social capabilities, maintaining health, improving potential, making identity, self awareness, building up human capital, self knowledge, initiating personal autonomy and many more. The concept focuses on wider field.

personal development is a ground of practice & research. Furthermore, it includes bench marks which define plans or strategies for reaching assessment of progress and good measurement. Even today Aristotle’s personal improvement theories continue to influence western concept, particularly in the human development field. His ideas continue to shape up family values, management & education in Asia and China. He even believed a well balanced meals, meditation and regular workouts can alter the way we think about selves and affect the reactions to particular situations. The moment we begin to improve inner self, we grow as an individual and see a considerable development in quality of life.

personal development is a process that involves improving ones communication skill sets, ones level of confidence, learning manners & fine etiquettes, and adding grace and style to the ones looks and brining in liveliness and positivity.

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Sep 162013

Personal development may be different things to diverse people. In the end, personal development is all about focusing attention on refining or developing skill sets, awareness for goal, attitude, and capabilities. The term covers different human activity areas, thus can be easily applied to financial and business growth. Socially, it can also be applied to amending social relationship with colleagues, employees, partners or friends family. If you want to attain worthwhile things in career as well as personal life then you should develop into a worthwhile individual. Embracing personal growth helps develop a personality that people respect, appreciate, love and admire.


Personal development is all about recognizing challenges, finding answers and incorporating right behavior or course of action or answers in business or daily life. In short, it is about making change in company procedures or oneself to deal with the surrounding in a better way. The value oriented personality development aspects boarders the domain of spirituality. Here, the individuals thought are focused on building up better relationships, and behavioral changes. Self discipline, inquisitiveness, persistence are all common themes. Moreover, professionally, it includes themes such as communication and personal mastery, developing leadership skill sets and many more.


Nevertheless, it serves as the initial step towards betterment process. personal development may not make all troubles and concerns disappear but it offers new way or thinking and strength which assist one deal with everyday challenges in an improved, happy and successful way.

we all want to be loved, and live happy. Self development helps us lead lives by taking full benefit of the potential we are born with. The life consists of attributes such as self awareness, self respect, self confidence, gratitude and appreciation for life and self. Many people focus only on facts and reasons that make them unhappy and miserable.


Whereas, other people always find ways and reasons to feel glad. It does not mean that these people have perfect lives. They do have family, emotional, financial and personal problems in lives. They only choose to concentrate on the best or grateful side of their life. Nowadays, many video resources and personal development courses are available plentiful online. These can prove to be a real life transformer. People who are in this way of developing inner capability to make selves powerful are likely to develop into greatest personalities. Bear in mind, this is a reality. some of the general personal improvement themes include behavioral change, improving self awareness, developing talents & strengths, professional & personal mastery and many more.


In general, developing thoughts and minds, being aware of what one think and how he or she thinks is a significant factor in personal development. Understating the negative traits, positive ones, strengths and weaknesses also! being aware of our conscious, what turns off? These are important elements to be aware of to help us in our way. in short, many approaches can assist in self improvement and personal development. No one has the 100% or complete right answer. But we are here only for once, so be kind and respect others!

personal development is all about recognizing challenges, finding answers and incorporating right behavior or course of action or answers in business or daily life.

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