Jul 262014

Researchers have found that people who set goals are on average likely to be more successful in most ways than people who don’t set goals.

Goals and objectives are the basis for planning. As the Cheshire Cat said to Alice, “If you don't know where you are going, then any road will take you there.” And that is often how we approach life. We just live, and if we end up where we want to be, hey, that's great. If we end up where we don't want to be, hey, that’s life.


Painting a mental picture of what your goal will look like requires very specific descriptors. For example, if owning a new car is your goal, then a specific goal might be, “I will have a red 2009 Chrysler LeBaron hardtop, with grey velour upholstery, air conditioning, air bags, electronic windows, and an MP3 player.” Then you can picture yourself driving around in that car.


If you can’t measure your goals, you won’t know if you reach them or not. If you are saving money for a new red LeBaron, how will you know how you are doing? You will need to be able to check how much money you have saved toward that goal.


You also want to be certain that your goals are reachable. Sometimes people think that the top achievers of this world set high goals for themselves and then worked toward reaching them. But in truth, the super achievers of the world know that setting high goals can be a de-motivator. How? If you set goals that you feel in your heart of hearts is just not attainable, this can de-motivate you.

Maybe the car you can realistically afford right now isn’t a Chrysler LeBaron but a compact car. So adjust your goal; it isn’t written in cement or blood.


The goal should be relevant to you, personally. Maybe a Chrysler LeBaron isn’t relevant to what you are doing right now. Maybe you really need a Chevy half-ton to carry product or supplies. Or maybe transportation isn’t your problem - maybe you need office space or a new computer. You won’t get committed to goals that aren’t important to you, so you will only put a half-hearted effort into achieving the goal, and then blame yourself or the idea of setting goals if you don’t reach the goal.


Goals often need a timeline. Some of us wouldn’t get a darn thing done if it wasn’t for the deadlines in our lives.

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Jul 252014

Setting clear, measurable goals is important for both our personal and professional development. But before jumping into goal-setting, we should first take a closer look at our intentions. Intentions are the fuel that drives us, both consciously and unconsciously, to achieve our goals.

Goals are specific and measurable. They have a timeframe or deadline and are the concrete results of our intentions. Our intentions are bigger and broader than our goals. They are our authentic desires, the thoughts about who we want to be. They are at the root of our motivations to set goals in the first place. Our goals take our intentions and focus them on tangible outcomes. 

Setting goals gives us an opportunity to question our deeper intentions. We must make direct contact with our inner intentions, the unconscious intentions which may contradict our conscious intentions. Our conscious intentions are pretty straightforward. They’re what we intend to do and why. Unconscious intentions are far more difficult to tap into without getting completely honest with ourselves, understanding our shortcomings, celebrating our attributes and achievements, and focusing on what the future holds when we manifest our true intentions and desires.

Basing our future fulfillment on conscious intentions may realize short-term goals, but rarely lead to the results we say we desire. Our conscious mind has a tricky way of defining happiness based on tangible goals, such as losing weight or getting a job promotion. But our true intentions go far deeper. Losing weight is the result of our intention to be more fit and/or feel more attractive, and getting that promotion is the result of our intention to be better at our job than everyone else.

So setting clear, personally important intentions naturally cause us to act and respond in harmony with our goals. Intentions provide a framework for us to set meaningful priorities, set aside time wisely, and align ourselves with all of the resources—both tangible and intangible—that we need to manifest our goals.

Although there obviously isn’t a magic key to unlock happiness, we can set a path for ourselves that leads to contentment by aligning what we say we want (our conscious intentions) with what we authentically want (our unconscious) intentions. This alignment can be the difference between working towards achieving goals expected by someone else versus our inner intentions that will make us happier in all areas of our lives.

The great thing is that it’s all up to us. We’re in as much control of our intentions as our goals. Sometimes just getting started with understanding how our true intentions can fulfill our goals is all that it takes to lead us toward personal and professional contentment.

Learn more about setting goals that support your intentions by visiting www.ThinkBlueThinking.com or visit 619.550.8052.

Bruno Raynal is the president and CEO of Blue Thinking, a business consulting firm based in San Diego, California. Bruno works with top level senior management to enhance their awareness of modern business practices and patterns so they can make informed choices, take the right action, and achieve their vision and goals. Learn more about Blue Thinking by visiting www.ThinkBlueThinking.com or calling 619.550.8052.

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Jul 242014

What are three reasons for goal self improvement and motivation to reach your goals?

Many people think that reaching their personal goals is a difficult process. Their are many methods to choose from. You have to find a method that fits your life style and your personality. I find that, this is the hardest think to do. Their will be many factors to consider when choose a method to follow: family, work, relationships, time and more.

Here are three to consider:

1. Inspiration:

Inspiration is critical to staying motivated. If you are not interested in your personal goal, improving it will be difficult. Your motivation level will never be high and you will not be able to sustain interest for very long. Taking an honest look at your motivational level will help you gauge whether you will succeed. Ask yourself :Are you excited about achieving a personal goals? If you are not if will be difficult to accomplish. Keep your goals close to your heart. Most individuals will lose steam and grow tired because their goal doesn't have any personal passion. You passion to help you stay focused during the difficult times. If you do not like your goal, then think how you can re-focus your personal goal to better match your needs. You may need to change the goal or rewrite it. If inspiration is missing, there will not be any motivation. .

2. Personal goal setting:

Once you decide on a goal setting method you should include short and long-term goals. If you don't set goals, you won't have a definite path of self improvement. Take the time to write your goals. A goal setting plan may sound daunting, but it is really nothing more than goals, strategies and implementation. Include mini-goals that can be accomplished in weeks as well as grand-goals that may take years to complete. Refer to your your goal sheets throughout the year. But can a personal goal worksheet really help motivate you? Of course. Written goals will make you feel more in control. It will also free you from having to restart your goal process every single day.

3.Goal support buddy:

Another important factor in getting and staying motivated is to find a goal support buddy. When taking on personal goal setting having someone to encourage you and hold your hand can make the difference between success and failure. Doing this process alone is one of the most difficult parts. You can never be on your way to self improvement without the help of others. Mutual buddy support is a great motivator. Make it easier on yourself by find a compatible buddy in person or online. Even when your personal goals are not related, you will often find some goal that you have in common. Many successful goal buddies state that when they found the right person it was a turning point in their ability to reach their personal goals. Working together, goal buddies can help each other solve problems faster and more efficiently. Sharing ideas, expertise and experience is also an invaluable aspect of motivation and self improvement. Your own personal goal buddy will help re-energize you when the burdens of your goals seem too much. With your goal buddy you can accomplish more goals in less time and probably have more fun in the process. You will feel more motivated to accomplish self improvement goals when you know you are not alone. Remember to celebrate all successes no matter how big or small.

If your interested in finding information on personal goal setting, methods to follow and factors that effect your ability to achieve them come visit me at http://www.squidoo.com/goal-motivation-setting

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Jul 212014

When you are running a business it can be very difficult to keep focused on what you want to achieve for your business. It is easy to get distracted as there are many different demands on your time, as well as many changes impacting your business. The warmer weather and your personal life will also add to these distractions.

So what can you do? Here are some tips and ideas on how can you stay focused on your business goals and objectives:

Set clear goals and objectives for your business. Be clear on what you want to achieve in your business in the short, medium and longer term. Test your goals and make sure you are happy with them. Keep your goals and objectives at the forefront of your mind, communicate them to your team and use them in managing your business.

Identify the benefits and value to you of achieving your business goals. Reminding yourself of the benefits of achieving your business goals as well as the consequences of not achieving them will help to focus and motivate you.

Plan what you need to do to achieve your goals. Understand what you need to do to achieve your business goals and objectives. What do you need to do each day, each week etc, what one off projects need to be undertaken and who is going to do each task?

Prioritise and re-prioritise. Prioritise all the things you have identified in your plans in order of importance in achieving your goals. Re-prioritise on a regular basis and when things change.

Break down larger tasks and projects into smaller manageable chunks. You may find that the size of some of the tasks and projects in your plan are daunting. Break these down into smaller manageable chunks and plan for each of these separately.

Review progress. Take time to review how you are getting on with your plans on a regular basis and to discuss progress with others who are involved. Update your plans regularly in line with the progress being achieved.

Manage your time effectively. There are many different time management systems and each person has their preferred one. Whichever you choose, set realistic times for each task and what you can achieve each day and re-prioritise when things change.

Use your time efficiently. Review your business processes and systems and make them as efficient as possible. Understand when is the best time of day to do different tasks e.g. if you are a morning person you may want to do the more challenging things before lunch.

Get organised. Take time out to get your business, yourself and your working area organised. Remove the clutter and make sure you know where everything is. Maybe get some help to keep well organised.

Delegate or outsource tasks and projects. It may be better for the business for you to delegate or outsource work. Look at areas that you don't like doing, take you a long time or that you are not very good at as a starting point. If you delegate or outsource, regularly review how it is going.

Minimise distractions. Look at what is distracting you from completing your plans e.g. people, email, phone calls etc. Assign set times of the day for dealing with your emails and phone calls and plan time into your week for your staff, customers, suppliers etc. (scheduled meetings or phones calls may reduce ad hoc interruptions).

Get help to stay focused. You may find it beneficial to get help from other people on a regular basis to help you to stay focused on your business goals. This may be from a business mentor, other people in your business, family or business contacts.

Look after yourself. You will be more effective in your business if you also look after your health and well being, don't work all the time, take regular breaks and time off, enjoy time with your family and friends, relax and do something different to work.

Keeping focused is critical to achieving your business goals. Hopefully the above ideas will help you with this. If you are still finding it difficult to focus, it may be because you are aiming for the wrong goals. Re-visit your business goals and make sure they are what you really want.

If you would like further information or to use any of our services please refer to the Makin It Happen - Coaching, Mentoring & Stress Management website at http://www.makinithappen.co.uk or contact Liz Makin at Liz@makinithappen.co.uk.

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Jul 182014

When it comes to setting goals, you will notice that it will help you choose a path for your life and to help keep your life pushing forward. You will know what you want to achieve and where you place your concentration. You will be able to spot all the things that will sidetrack you or distract you from the main objective. When you have a plan, you will find that you know when you are on track with the goal and when you are not. When you set your goals properly, you will find it to be motivating and help you stick with the main focus. Every time you reach a goal, you will find yourself wanting to keep moving forward. You want to be able to reach for something and be truly focused on it or you’ll never reach anything. Goals help you stay on the right path and they help you stay out of trouble.

You will find that your mind is a wonderful tool and your life will be designed to reach for your dreams and live your life the way that you have always wanted to. You are able to focus on what you want for yourself and then when you set a clear and comprehensive goal you know that you can have such an achievement. It’s important to celebrate your achievements large and small and use them as fuel for the next challenge you set for yourself. When you place a goal on paper, you are able to mark a path for where you want your life to go. Then you are able to physically see that you can do whatever you need to or achieve your goal.

Who uses goals?  Well, Successful people use goals to help them make it to their dreams. Businessmen and women, athletes, students and more use goals to help them create the stair case to their dreams. Without goals, dreams are impossible to realize. When you set goals, you are able to motivate yourself and be able to visualize who you are. You will find that you may have to do a lot of research for you to be able to set your goals properly. You are also going to have to organize your time and find some resources to help you make successful completion of your goal possible. Take a no excuses approach to achievement!

For you to properly set a goal, you must be specific. You need to think about all the details of your goal and what you have to do to meet your objective. You want to make sure that you have everything covered in the plan. When you aim for a goal, you will find things that will distract you. Have a plan when it comes to these distractions. Do you have a friend to help keep you on track? Do you have anyone who cares enough to help you find the path that you stray away from?  Hopefully you can find a backup plan to your problems. Achieving goals requires accountability.

Why are goals so important? Goals give a person direction, and if you don’t have direction then you have no other option but to dream and wonder. Wondering is okay when you are very young, but when it comes to being a responsible adult you are pressured by society to have goals and plan. Goals are the fuel of success. Anyone that has had any level of success uses goals to get there.

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Jun 182014

Relationship goals benefit you emotionally and spiritually as well as enrich your day to day experiences and connection to yourself, others, and the divine creator.

Many people concentrate on business, personal, or physical goals which are very beneficial, but all too often they overlook or don't feel relationship goals are as important.

They are just as valuable, if not more so, because at the end of the day when your work is done, we are faced with ourselves and the interactions we have with others in our lives.

Relationships are a huge part of your growth and be can be your greatest joy, love, regret, frustration, sorrow, or reason for stress. They have an enormous impact on your overall happiness and well being and can teach you so much about you.

They can show you where you have grown, where you still need improvement, or where you need to set boundaries and limits.

They are an essential part of your learning and expansion as a human and spiritual being.

When was the last time you set a relationship goal for you, with your partner, child, parent, sibling, grandchild, friend, relative, co-worker or boss?

If you set one, did you meet that goal? Are you setting others? How have things improved or changed for you or with the other person by following through with that goal?

Relationships show us so much about ourselves, how can they not be as important as any other goal we set out to achieve or work upon?

They help us to be more compassionate, loving, kind, generous, understanding, balanced, grounded, creative, and peaceful human beings.

When setting goals for you or with another person, ask yourself, "How is my relationship with myself, the other person, or with the Universe? What can I do to improve this connection?

Relationship goals can be just about anything. Here are a few examples of things you can do:
-Spend more time getting to know yourself or the other person better.
-Listening instead of talking.
-Say positive or encouraging words.
-Ask how you can be of service.
-Make time to do things you normally wouldn't do.
-Volunteer in your community.
-Get to know your child's friends.
-Try to understand the other person.
-Be more compassionate.
-Initiate conversation.
-Don't try to be right, change or control others.
-Create date nights or game nights.
-Ask someone out for dinner or lunch.
-Write a letter or leave little notes.
-Let someone know you appreciate or love them.
-Instead of judging, see something positive.
-Ask if you can pick something up for your neighbour, co-worker, boss, friend, partner, etc., or invite them over to your place.
-Read a self improvement book or take a course.
-Spend time with you, your partner, children, grandchildren, family, friends, etc.
Look at the relationship with yourself and others. What's joyous, or frustrates or upsets you? Then look for ways you can improve it, or do more of what's working.

You can set a goal each day for a week or a month, or when you see the person. Once you have achieved that goal, set another one.

There are always ways we can enhance our relationships with ourselves and/or others; it's an ongoing journey and you are worth the investment.

The lessons we learn, the connections we make, the love we give and receive is invaluable.

We all have so much to give and offer if we only make the time.

Becoming the best you can be for you and others goes a long way and you will be reaping the benefits each and every day of your life.

When setting goals, make sure relationship ones are at the top of the list since they greatly impact your happiness and life.

Starting today what goal are you going to set for yourself or with another person?

If you use the insight technique, you will be assisted in gaining insights and ways you can improve relationships in your life.

Kimberley Cohen is the Founder, Facilitator and Personal Insight Coach of The Insight Technique. She founded the Insight Technique™ - Your Insight to genuine Happiness, Purpose and Prosperity to assist herself and others in transforming limiting mindsets. Soar through the limiting beliefs holding you back and experience the freedom of unlimited possibilities. http://www.TheInsightTechnique.com

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May 292014

Have you noticed that it is much easier to keep other people focused and motivated than to motivate yourself? Do you find yourself wondering where the week went and why you didn't get to do the things you really wanted to, the things that are most important to you?

No matter how busy you are there are ways to achieve the focus you need. You must make rules for yourself, rules that take priority, and accept no excuses.

First, set your immediate goals. Decide what you want to accomplish in a week, and be realistic. If your goals are set too high you may fail and not try again. If your goals are set too low you will not feel that sense of accomplishment. My goal for three of my horses is to ride one horse 5 days per week, one horse 4 days per week and one horse 3 days per week. Although I would like to ride each horse every day I know that is impossible. Setting a goal of no more than 5 days per week is attainable in the 7 days I have.

Don't be afraid to set a minimum and a target goal, ones that you would feel good about accomplishing either way. I have set a minimum for the horse I ride 3 days a week, but my goal is up to 5 days. The "rule" is that 3 is the minimum, but when the opportunity arises and I achieve more I feel really good about it.

Next, set some long term goals so that you have extra motivation to keep up with the weekly rules. I have set a different goal for each of my horses. For instance, I want to take one horse to the dressage classic horse show. When I'm hot and tired and busy I think about that show and I know that I somehow need to just do the work!

When I start my day I do so with my rules (goals) firmly in mind. There is no question that these tasks must be done. Some days I get up early because I know I have a busy day ahead. Some days I have gone out after supper, in the cold of winter, to work one last horse because I haven't yet achieved my goal for the day. It just isn't an option not to do it.

Tip 1: Try to get as much done on the first day of the week as you can so that if a day comes along that gets super busy you can skip a chore and still achieve your weekly goal.

Tip 2: When scheduling appointments, etc., try to leave one free day towards the end of the week that you can use for catching up.

Tip 3: Don't be too hard on yourself. When you are working on the last of your "reserves", recognize the tremendous accomplishment of having found the time to perform your task, and let yourself off a bit easy. Sometimes when I'm tired and spent I may only ride for half an hour. I may only work on one task with my horse instead of several. When I'm done I feel good about keeping my rule, and I make up for the work another time.

Tip 4: Re-assess your rules regularly. You create rules to help you accomplish what's important to you. If you find you have created unrealistic ones, or if you find yourself in a time where you need to adjust your priorities for a while, do it. It is much better to adjust your rules than to let them go. Every time you achieve the goals you set for yourself, and follow your own rules without breaking them, you boost your self esteem. Feeling good about yourself is the big goal in life. You can achieve all that you desire if you take the time to effectively organize your thoughts, goals, lifestyle and commitments.

Sharon is an Aromatherapist and animal lover. Together with her husband, Skip, she manufactures essential oil pet products, is involved in horse rescue in Canada, and is currently venturing into the e-commerce field with her new website: http://www.peppermint-romance.com

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May 202014

They say that a man without a goal is a person who does not know how to live. Virtually everyone believes that they are born for a purpose. However, goals are not enough. What is even more important is you do something to reach them. You accomplish them. Otherwise, they remain to be wishful thinking.

This is the part where things become quite hard. Your objectives can be quite difficult to reach, especially if you are bombarded with a lot of challenges. In fact, many would confess how they are always working against the tides, which will compel them to quit and just stop dreaming.

Whether you like it or not, there will be plenty of problems along the way. Moreover, the more you feel their presence and intensity as the more you persevere. Nevertheless, there are ways on how you can soften their impact, make them more manageable, and find it much easier to attain your goals. One of these is through visualization.

How to Do It

There are different ways on how you can do visualization for prosperity and confidence. A lot of people do utilize devices such as mp3s to help them develop excellent visuals. They also come with subliminal messages or affirmations, as well as very soothing music to help you calm down.

Here is an example of what you can do:

Imagine yourself climbing up golden stairs. Each of the steps represents the goals you want to achieve in life. It can be something short-term or small such as owning a house or a car to something very huge and grand such as opening up your own business, having a family, retiring in a country you love the most, or even forgiving someone or getting rid of a particular kind of fear.

While you take every step, you pause for a moment and say one of your subliminal messages, for example, I will earn $ 5,000 a month next year, I will own and drive a red sports car, I will meet the lady of my dreams, etc.

You take each step until you reach the highest peak. There, take a deep breath and allow the success of each step you take to fill you up and make you feel victorious.

Now if you can go back to the example above, you will notice that the subliminal messages used are very specific. This is highly important since you want to address the things through the visualization, in this case, your objectives or goals.

You also do not have to push yourself into cluttering your mind with as many goals as you can. If you want to, you can focus on a single objective for certain duration or until you are able to fulfill it.

It also helps if you develop your own subliminal messages, since you are the most perfect person to know what is best for you. Needless to say, you can make use of the special devices we talked about earlier for some inspiration.

Nelson Berry is the Pioneer of Subliminal Messages Videos and Subliminal MP3s Audio Subliminal Messages online. Valued at 0, click for 4 Free Subliminal Messages Video!

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May 122014

Lacrosse scholarship is for students playing lacrosse. This game is growing in popularity and today there are many sponsors to support this game and the players also. You can find out what kinds of scholarships are available and then choose the ones that are suitable for you. You should be open for all cultural activities and other active doings being a member of the NCAA team and you participate in different activities organized. Scholarships are available through colleges and universities and also sponsored by private and non profit organizations.

Applying for scholarships does not only mean to fulfill the requirements asked by the sponsor and complete the application process. You should also be aware of certain facts related to the scholarship program. Find everything possible about the sponsor and the program offered. You should be aware of how and when you will be receiving the scholarship money. This will, in fact, help you plan for the coming months properly and suitably. Once you are assured you should complete the application and submit it along with all necessary documents asked before deadline.

Lacrosse scholarship is specifically for students who play lacrosse and so is limited in number. Do not presume that not more student will apply for the scholarship. Today, there is huge competition in applying for scholarships. So, keep in mind, due date of submission is very important to remember, because if you miss it you will miss the entire chance of winning the award money and perhaps your chance of acquiring the degree of your choice too. Therefore, in addition to keeping into account the deadline for a specific scholarship, you should also consider applying for some general scholarships.

Winning scholarships can be at times quite challenging and you miss the chance of attending the college you hoped for.

Do not get distressed because unable to win lacrosse scholarship or any specific financial aid package does not mean that you will not be able to attend your favorite college. Get in touch with the financial aid office of that college and gather details of other scholarship programs that you can apply. Go ahead and follow instructions.

Carol Evanson has writen on thousands of scholarships and step-by-step guides to obtaining a scholarship. Whether you're looking for Unclaimed Scholarships, Full Ride Scholarships, Corporate Scholarships, Weird Scholarships and Applications. Maybe you want to see if there is a scholarship that fits your needs in her A to Z Scholarship Library.

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Apr 252014

Best Professional goals for your resume :
A big list of Professional goals free samples ideas ,for your professional resume .

Professional goals for resume 1:
My objetive is realize different projects that will allow me to perform the following duties: Design, Drawing development and supervision, thru budgets and coordination with human resources to accomplished project building goals.

Professional goals for resume 2:
Further development myself as a professional in a pleasant work environment with growth opportunity, in order to share feedback, and solve the challenges that arise.

Professional goals for resume 3:
Seeking a job in planning teaching policy or public relation field which enhance my abilities and skills and practical experience to reach a leading position in a leading organization.

Professional goals for resume 4:
Obtain a position working in the field of international business, business administration, or related areas.

Professional goals for resume 5:
A position in Engineering providing the opportunity to make a strong contribution to organizational goals through continued development of myprofessional skills.

Improve the knowledge to keep growing up as a professional with hard work contribution inside organization.

Continue improving knowledge about Project Management strategies and get experience as a Project Leader .

Professional goals for resume 6:
An entry-level position in logistics where I can have the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge in the workplace, have a positive impact on the company & gain professional/international experience.

Professional goals for resume 7:
A challenging management sales position where I can develop my professional and personal skills and unique abilities, as well as apply my educational background and training, and to communicate and negotiate with people; one of my major interest is to gain exposure with every step in your Company.

I believe in teamwork, an also I want to get involved and learn everything about the field and related matters. I like challenges and accept responsibility.

Professional goals for resume 8:
A work with expectations of overcoming and professional development in the field of the food, adapted to my knowledge and preparation, together with the possible economic improvement.

Professional goals for resume 9:
To be in a company that assign various Industrial projects to develop my skills and knowledge acquired,to complete professional growth.

Professional goals for resume 10:
Seeking a position where my skills, professional experience, and educational background will enable me to define new opportunities for profitable corporate growth and personal development in any company with worldwide presence, and have the ability to work well as a team member.

Professional goals for resume 11:
Work for a transnational company that allows to develop my skills acquired during my training education with the intention of contributing to the development and growth through my cooperation and hard work.

Professional goals for resume 12:
To be part of a team where my experience and skills can be used and nurtured in the areas of marketing, advertising or a similar field. I am very open to relocation and travel opportunities.

Professional goals for resume 13:
To obtain position as a Production Manager, Maintenance manager, weldeing or construction manager or other position in an oil plant.

Professional goals for resume 14:
I have as main goal share the knowledge I have gained in my different life experiences supporting, helping and contributing to different institutions for development of our country. Also labor at an institution which can continue to develop skills, with order to keep improving and strengthening my professional skills.

Professional goals for resume 15:
I have as main goal share the knowledge I have gained in my different life experiences supporting, helping and contributing to different institutions for development of our country. Also labor at an institution which can continue to develop skills, with order to keep improving and strengthening my professional skills.

Hair Removal tips for Girls

Beauty Tips in Urdu

Top Ten Cars

Hair Removal tips for Girls

Beauty Tips in Urdu

Top Ten Cars

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