Jun 162013

In light of events, long past as well as more recent, around this type of internet business program - commonly referred to "GPT' - where you 'get paid to'  compete some action... advertise, click, email, surf, etc.  I am very hesitant in any way recommend anyone to participate particularly when the operators refuse to provide sufficient documentation or even any specific information to support their revenue claims.

You should be aware that many times these types of spurious operations are very restrictive in their selection of methods of completing any purchase transaction - avoiding the easily recognized Visa/Mastercard or Paypal... looking closer, most of the current payment processors accepted could very easily subject to the same government intervention (shutdown) that has affected many similar borderline payment or exchange businesses - do a google search for LibertyReserve, EGold, StormPay, StudioPay to see the history of 'fringe' payment portals

In addition their questionable business model where people are "paid to click on ads" to earn on "ad packs' that they have had to purchase... has been deemed to be questionable at best by many regulatory bodies. Their reliance on additional revenue streams (things sold separately - banner ads, forum ads, fees, etc) was not to enough to determine Get-Paid-To opportunities to be legally compliant - again do a google search for previous programs: StudioTraffic, 12DailyPro, MRA, etc

If outfits like AdHitsProfits, BannerBrokers and HourlyRevShare are so adamant in their status as 'legal'  or in anyway compliant with government regulations , why do they not post their documentation... their Business registration, Banking details, or at the very least their certificate number or better yet a copy of Securities Compliance Certification. For most there is no location information as to where the business is physically operating from, in fact, in just about every instance they refused to even provide even a mailing address or an actual working phone number.

In the case of AdHitProfits, an extremely heavily promoted program at this time... I find it extremely concerning that they choose to operate this business out of a Postal Mail Box Store... specifically PMB #368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1 Bellevue, WA 98007 but they are not a registered business in that city or state... The domain is a brand new domain and only registered for 1 yr... and they have intentionally hidden all the Ownership, Administration and Technical contacts of the website.

The Public face of AdHitProfit is purported to be a Charles Scorville who is known to be the owner of 5-6 PTC sites (most familiar is Infinitybux) that are now either not paying completely, paying selectively or encountering delayed payments... It is extremely telling that quite a few of the long term, active members of the numerous "monitoring community" forums  when asked about him or his site almost unanimously respond with... "uttter scams", "STAY AWAY from this scamming clown and his Sites"... one commentor even referred to him as a Dictator stating that "Charles Scoville said to me: Earning on my sites is a privilege. If you wish to accuse me of wrong doing, I can and will simply deny you service."... this same person stated that after he raised a concern "Charles suspended my account, cleared all my earning balances and referrals."

After a bit of further research the only mailing address in anyway associated with AdHitProfits... is actually extremely closely linked to a James, or Jimmy, Lawson, self-professed Health Expert. who until recently is reported to have operated a 'Cash Advance' business at that location and who also sold audio equipment online but reportedly had all his business accounts suspended due to a substantial number of complaints,  that he was ripping off customers by selling used and sub-standard audio equipment. Equipment believed to have been taken as collateral by his "cash advance" business.

Even more recently Mr Lawson has come under investigation due to being alledged to also be operating various websites that specialize in distribution of hard-core pornography and selling brand medicines - (Viagra, Caverta, Silagra, Kamagra, Zenegra) without a license or permit. This time out of a location that is another  Mail Box Depot... in the Off-shore Tax Haven - a small island off the coast of Africa - specifically PO Box 4513, Le Chantier Building, Frances Rachel St., Victoris, Mahe, Seychelles

In all cases I  was able to find it appears that the chosen webserver, hosting all of these various extremely dubious operations,  is being run out of backroom of a Steak House Restaurant. There seems to be a very strong connection to a management company in Charlotte, NC. operated by a elderly gentleman of European descent known locally as Dr. D or more commonly Dr. “David”... but claims his full legal name to be Dr. Dragan Dabic and claiming to a Mystic Healer.

Ironically this name was an identity that was closely associated with Radovan Karadzic, while he was on the run while he was on Europe’s most-wanted list for war crimes... but turned out to be 66-yr old peasant in a small village in Serbia.

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Feb 122013


When we talk about the pyramid, it is one of the strongest and most stable structures known to man. It is used as structure of a government, a business or a school.

The argument, however, is not really about the geometric nature of an organization, but the way the system is operated.

Let us differentiate network marketing from pyramiding and a J.O.B.

Network Marketing:

1. Legal and sustainable business (see: Direct Selling Association or DSA)
2. You are being paid for the work you've completed and/or contributed
3. Aims to help clients
4. Sure success for those with passion
5. Downlines can surpass their uplines earnings
6. Long term business - Where you're in, you are in forever.

Pyramiding or “Ponzi scheme”

1. Illegal and non-sustainable business
2. You are being paid by exploiting greed and gullibility
3. Aims to lure unsuspecting clients
4. Only the first (about 20%) members who joined are likely to succeed
5. Downlines cannot surpass their uplines earnings
6. Short term business - The pyramid collapses after the "Grand Recruiter" or "Crook" runs away

J.O.B. (Joining other’s business)

1. Boss and employee type of business
2. You are being paid according to the agreement between you and your boss
3. The employer prioritizes the company's operation more than its employees
4. Limited success
5. Employees cannot surpass their boss's earnings
6. Employment with the company is uncertain - You are in a rat race

Someone else has to lose money for a person to really make money in a pyramid scam. In network marketing, each person make an effort to build their business by helping others to be successful.

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Jan 232013

The Network Marketing Industry today has an annual revenue of over 100 Billion US Dollars and is growing faster each year as more professionals like engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, and other job holders are getting involved in this type of business.

A smart move

The economic trend reveals that even managers, supervisors and other executives are considering online network marketing as their "Plan B" especially now that more and more people are being laid-off. No one is really safe from just being employed and no one can truly say: “I am totally secured with my job”!

Non-traditional business

A network marketing company usually operates in several if not all countries around the world. These companies use modern technologies to create their products, which are actually better than the ones that are commercialized.

While traditional businesses advertise their products through newspapers, radio and TV, a network marketing company does not. They put the advertisement fund in product development instead to meet world class quality.

The distributors are the ones who generate network marketing leads, share the products and the business opportunity to others and thus, generating sales for the company and commissions for the networkers.

Get a clearer picture on how network marketing opportunities work.

The richest people in the world build networks. In the network marketing business, you have the opportunity to earn a passive income.

Another industry that is comparable to the network marketing business is a franchise like McDonald’s. The challenge with a franchise is that you initially have to spend a million dollars to begin with and only a couple of years will you really start earning.

In network marketing, you only spend a small amount, which is usually only in a form of a product purchase. Then, immediately, you can begin to earn.

You control your future in your network marketing business. If you treat it as a hobby, it will pay you as a hobby. However, if you treat it as a serious business it will pay you big time!


The figure shows that you get paid commissions according to the number of customers on your left and the number of customers on your right that match.

Let's say you have 6 on your left and 18 on your right for the current month, you get qualified for commissions up to 6 customers. This is your "Matching Bonus". The remaining 12 on the right will be carried over to the next month for a new matching bonus computation.

Clearly, your earnings depend on the number of matching customers in your organization that you built and not on your position in the network. With your efforts, you can earn more money than your sponsor way above you! This is what you call "Fair".

Discover how networking can have exponential growth and create passive income.

Network marketing is absolutely NOT a fraud business like a pyramid or a get rich quick scheme.

There are so many network marketing businesses around the globe to choose from. Find out how to choose the “best company” for you.

So this means you can now settle your credit cards or bank loans. You can save extra money to buy a new home and a new car. You will have money to travel around the world.

Factors to consider in network marketing:

  1. Manifest your dreams of network marketing success.
  2. Your Goals.
  3. Making the commitment.
  4. Building your network marketing leads List.
  5. The use of a memory jogger.
  6. Conquering your Fears of success.
  7. Looking for quality prospects.
  8. Presenting the residual income opportunity.
  9. Follow-through your network marketing list.
  10. Consulting upline for more network marketing information and training.
  11. Understanding the network marketing system of duplication.
  12. Consistency for a successful network marketing career.

When you start earning more than your salary, you are ready to retire from your job and go full time in your network marketing business. Imagine what will happen now. You will have more time for yourself, your family and friends and earn greater money because you are meeting more people.

Are you a traditional networker? How would you like to make business around the world? Put network marketing to the next level and take advantage of InterNetwork Marketing... click here!

We are always talking about money here but there are more important things to consider.

Think about yourself not having to wake up early in the morning and rush through traffic just to get to work - each and every day. Think about not having to be tied up to your chair in the office for 9 or 12 hours. Think about the future of your family, especially your children and their education. Think about how you can change a person’s life by showing a solution to their problems.

Think of how you can help the poor people in deprived countries or the victims of war and natural disasters. Think of what you can give when you are able to give. Think about the respect you will get from people who will see your kindness in the noble things that you do.

This is what really means to be Financially Independent. Free from bondage, out of the rut and out of the rat race.


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