Mar 302014

Have you ever thought about the difference between willpower and true strength of conviction? It's the difference between trying to lose weight or quit smoking because you think you should and doing so because you truly are ready and willing and have deep, meaningful reasons for doing so.

With this in mind, when we want to make a change it makes sense for us to plumb our inner depths to uncover our true reasons for acting the way we do. Only by doing this can we move past surface attempts at changing and create real, lasting difference in our lives.

You may have heard this before in different ways, but since 'repetition is the mother of skill,' and also because sometimes reading something put in a slightly different way makes things 'click,' we will cover a little of what this means here in this article.

We have all heard that we need to have our own, personal reasons for doing things. This, we are told, leads to true happiness. How many of us, however, really follow this advice? If you are unhappy in your current relationship, give some deep thought to how much of that dissatisfaction is based on your impression of the way things 'should' be, and how the relationship falls short. Are you living with subtle opinions in your head about what a good relationship is supposed to look like? Have the songs all told you that true love is meant to look a certain way, and did you learn from Disney about how a man and a woman should feel about each other? You may scoff at first, but a good way to find out if this 'outside opinion' phenomenon is affecting you is to make a list of shoulds. You can do this with any situation in your life you are unhappy about and wish to change:

What is a 'proper' woman supposed to look and behave like?
What should a 'good' partner do to show he or she loves me?
What do I believe is necessary for me to be happy?
How does a good daughter/son/brother/sister behave?
How should my boss and my company treat me?

These are just examples, but notice as you question yourself whose voice it is that answers.

When you hear an answer, think about where you got that from. Was it a teacher, a parent or a magazine article or book you once read? They are likely a mix of things and even if you can't specifically trace a thought to its origin, it isn't highly likely it's an original thought which came from YOU. Additionally, what you may not realize is that your own version of how things should be differs greatly from another's - it is not 'how it is.' This is a cause of much internal and external conflict. Perhaps you don't even need a change, but a change in how you see things.

We are bombarded with opinions and advice from almost the day we are born, and one skill we are not taught, sadly, is to look inside and determine what is right for us. How often have you made yourself still, asked yourself a question and listened to the answer? Is it possible that what you think you want is not in alignment with what is really right for you? Is it further possible that you already have much of what you really want, but that dreamy 'shoulds' are holding you back from realizing it.

Spend some time with yourself. Get to know what really makes you happy and only do that. Do this long enough, and you will be the happiest person you know, by using your own inner conviction to give you strength and purpose.

Shauna Arthurs is an author and founder of a network of websites dedicated to helping readers define, refine and achieve their dreams. Visit and for a wealth of inspiring information!

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Mar 292014

Many people have found a truly fulfilling career in the personal health and fitness industry. For them, the chance to work with people on a daily basis, helping them achieve and attain their personal goals while setting their own work hours and schedules truly appeals to them. That is certainly a lot of incentive to achieve success in this industry, but that in part is also attributable to the stiff competition to be found in this industry. That is why investing in Personal Training Courses not only equips the student with the necessary life and professional skills to effectively help his students and establish himself in the industry, but also attests to the professionalism and dedication of the student to potential employers and clients.

In a competitive industry such as this, entry level students need all the advantage they can get, and making the smart decision of enrolling in one of the many recognized personal training courses is one of the best things students can do to help their career along. Students who do decide to invest in such a course are advised to explore all of their options thoroughly, and only consider going with a company with a solid industry reputation.

Unfortunately there are many bogus institutions out to make a quick buck off of honest consumers, and it is up to you as the paying customer to ensure you will receive value for money. Do this by researching any potential company offering personal trainer qualifications. All of their courses and qualifications should be recognized or endorsed by various industry regulating bodies. Also determine what the employment rate of past students is.

Discovery Learning offers a myriad of professionally, REP recognized personal training courses. With the help of industry professional and experienced tutors, one of Discovery Learnings full or part time courses are sure to cater to all your training needs. Visit their user friendly website to discover all the opportunities available to you.

Personal Training Courses

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Mar 282014

When it comes to starting an online business at home, you must follow some key points in order to be successful.  First of all, it is important to know the ins and outs of internet marketing, but it is almost more important to have a successful personality.  To be a successful home business entrepreneur, will take certain actions on your part.

If you want to get something out of life, then you most take consistent and focused action.  You must have a clear focus on the particular outcome you are looking to pursue.  When you take consistent action towards that goal, then you are very likely to be successful.  One sure way of not being successful is to just give up or quit.  For instance, if you combined a healthy diet with a successful workout plan wouldn't you begin seeing results in your body composition?  Of course you would!  That is why it is of utmost importance to take action every day.  Create a plan of action and stick to it each and every day, not just once a week or whenever you feel like it.  Just be sure that the action you take is focused.  In order to do this, you have to set some basic skills in time management.  

Believe in yourself and in what you are doing.  You must believe that what you are doing is going to make you a success.  Put all of your efforts into it.  You will always find people who are not going to believe in you.  More often than not, these people are usually the ones who are closest to you.  You will always find yourself coming up against adversity, but you must be strong and brush it off.  If you truly believe in your course of action, then your will be successful no matter what.  Most of the successful people have a very high level of self belief.  They go for it no matter what the cost, and they always maintain a positive attitude.

You should get into the habit of setting goals every day.  Write down what you want to achieve with a plan of action.  Then check off the tasks as you complete them.  You will feel like you have gained a small victory every time you complete a task.  Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back before moving on to the next task.  It is also very important to write down future goals.  When jotting down your goals, write them in the present tense.

This puts you in the present moment.  If you spend some time every day reading your goals, then you are much more likely to achieve them.  This is your vision for the future.  Keep dreaming and it will happen.

There is no free lunch in this world.  You must work hard if good things are going to come your way.  That goes for everybody.  If we work hard, then our conscious will believe we should succeed.  When you come right down to it, we cause our own success. The harder you work, the more likely it is that you will obtain what you are striving for.  Set your sights on your goal, work very hard to achieve it, and do not stop until you succeed.

The last point is to never quit.  If you never quit, you will not taste failure.  You will always have some degree of success if you do not quit.  You must stay committed to the job at hand and get it done.

Everyone should spend some time each day on personal development.  You must find ways to feed the mind whether it be by reading a book, listening to a conference, attending a seminar, reading an article, etc.  Take some time each day for positive business building.  Positive results will come, and in the end you will be successful.

Visit the Weeping Trees website to learn about weeping willow bonsai and dwarf weeping cherry


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Mar 262014

We've all got goals we're working towards, whether they're work-based targets, personal development objectives or goals within our personal life. However, often these can feel as if they're millstones around our necks. Rather than feeling excited, inspired and fired up about achieving them, we can feel as if a goal is something we should be working towards, because that's the done thing, rather than something we really want to have.

Simply by aligning your goals with POWER can make the difference that changes your goal from a chore to something so compelling, you're magnetised and fired up towards achieving it!

P: Positive. State your goal in positive terms; something you're working towards. Often we language our goals negatively, which creates a sense of something we're running away from, rather than running towards. For example:

"I don't want to be intimidated by my client anymore" is negative language. You're looking back at something you're trying to get away from. Straight away your whole mindset won't be what you need it to be, in order to propel you forward. Instead, try:

"I want to be more confident and credible when dealing with my client". This is forward-looking and positive.

O: Own It! How much do you really want and own this goal? One simple question can help you determine whether it's the right goal for you. Ask yourself: "On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do I really want to achieve this goal?" If you scored 9 or 10, great! If you scored less than 8, this goal is not for you. It's simply not grabbing you in the guts, in the heart - or anywhere else!

Change the goal to something that really fires you up. If it's a work-based goal that's been handed down to you and you can't change it, think about how you could change the way you're currently working on it that would get your juices flowing and start to rise your score from where it is now to a higher score.

W: What Will It.....

look like, sound like, feel like, when you achieve this goal? The more senses you can use to create what success looks like to you, the more you'll "feel it in your muscle" and you'll start to look for ways for bringing it to reality. So, what will you be doing when you achieve this? What will others be doing? What will you be saying and feeling when you achieve this? What will you hear others saying and how will they be feeling? Really build your picture of success with as much detail as you can.

E: Ecology. This looks at the wider implications of you achieving this goal. Are there any downsides to you achieving it? If so, what are they? How likely are they to happen? What can you do to overcome/minimise these? One person I was working with recently wanted his directorship within a 12-month period. However, he was travelling a lot with work already and the promotion would definitely mean more.

He had to work through this to decide whether the goal was still compelling enough for him to go for it, given the downsides he'd identified. Being aware of these and preparing for them can help to make sure your goal and resolve is really tested for strength.

R: Route/Resources. So, what's the very first step you're going to take to move towards this goal? And the next? Plan out your steps as you would with anything else you're completely committed to and put dates next to them. What step can you take TODAY? What resources do you need to help you along the way? Books; training; mentoring; coaching; mindset - identify all the things that will help build your momentum, focus and skill.

Your Task This Week

- Take a goal/outcome/objective you're currently working on, or about to start work on

- Apply the POWER principles to it

- Notice the difference in speed, enjoyment, progress and general "fired upness" you feel once you've given your goals the POWER boost!

"Fired Up Success" is a training course in a box - for a fraction of the price. With CD's, exercises, workbooks and bonus materials, you can get the development you need to stay focused, productive and motivated at work, all for the cost of a quarter of a one-day training course!

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Mar 232014

When you are present online for business process then you need to have an identity that is unique to you and is not a reflection of someone else. This is because your website, say for example, is the only point of contact for your customers and they need to have that identity present through which they can recognize you and your business. This is why Joomla template development is important as you can create a design and a website that is your own reflection of what you do and how you do it.

Joomla Template Development is one of those options that give you the freedom to create websites of your choice. It gives you the flexibility to customize almost all the features in a website and create an identity of your own on the net and present you to your customers in the way they want to see you and the style that is prevalent in the market. There are features and provision available through which you can create a unique look and feel as well as create content of your own style creating a different style that can be identified by your customers.

Joomla Template Development is being used by various industries and companies of all sizes, as there is something for all. People are using it for small to large-scale businesses, non-profit organizations, government applications, for school and church, newspaper and magazines. You can use Joomla template Development for customizing your websites content, users, components, admins and modules. An attractively designed website with good quality content that provides the right information to the users is what is highly required and Joomla template Development can provide you exactly.

You can alter the design and customize it according to what your business requires. A website should always be in sync with the business propaganda and should reflect the right image. Similarly, the navigation and the content tone and its manner should be such that it rightly identifies with your target audience and the market you cater to. All of this can be easily done through Joomla template Development.

So if you want to get a successful online business then use Joomla template Development services to get the right kind of website and avail the benefits. For more details visit Joomla Developer

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Mar 192014

In choosing what instrument you should learn to play, the piano is should certainly be foremost among those you are considering, as it is one of the most flexible of the musical instruments that we have today. 

Playing piano is widely acknowledged as one of the most popular and absorbing hobbies that you can really enjoy. Whatever your favorite genre of music is, once you learn and get serious about playing piano, you can surely apply your skills and enjoy playing music in that particular genre.

First Steps For Beginners

When you first take up playing piano, it can often be difficult to know where to start. The first thing that you must do is to actually choose the piano instrument that you'll use.  Of course, buying a piano can often be a big commitment, especially if you're planning to buy it from new, so most people will usually begin with a second hand piano, or a keyboard.

The keyboard will usually be the best option if you're not sure about whether you will be entirely committed to the playing piano, since it is also significantly cheaper that other bigger and grander pianos.

The next step to start playing piano is to choose how you plan to learn.  Majority of people will arrange a series of lessons with a tutor or an experienced piano player. But you will also find comprehensive online playing piano lessons which are recommended in such cases where scheduling lessons with tutors is likely to be difficult due to lifestyle or time constraints.

Lessons Online Or In Person?

There are benefits to both types of lessons, and ultimately both will end up with you playing piano.

But how fast you learn, your lifestyle, and the amount of time you can dedicate to your lessons in playing piano are the factors that will determine how well you will learn playing piano, and which between those types of lessons will work better for you.

If you've decided to take lessons in person, you'll usually need to find a good tutor that will be able to guide you through the exercises and the playing styles which you will use to develop to an intermediate level of playing piano.

The other option of course, is to buy a course of piano lessons online. There are also a number of benefits when choosing this method to begin playing piano.  Firstly, online lessons tend to be significantly cheaper than having a real-life teacher. Secondly, this method will really suit you if you cannot commit to regular appointments for your lessons, or you want to learn in your own time and pace.


Playing piano is indeed one of the best hobbies that you can start if you are looking for an interesting and satisfying hobby.

While at first, the playing piano can be quite frustrating, if you dedicate some time to complete the right exercises and practices, you will really have great fun and more importantly, a skill which will impress your friends and family.

Whether you choose to learn by yourself using a series of online lessons or hire a tutor to guide you through the early steps in playing piano, all your efforts will be repaid by the advances in your skills. Moreover, you can also start playing the music that you have wanted to play all along.

Frank is a freelance writer and Education Director for Water Damage, servicing the water removal industry. 

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Mar 172014

Goal setting has always helped many people to work in the most effective way. You own an impressive personality. All you need is a change in your attitude and little hard work and persistence in your efforts.

First, take your inventory and make a list that outlines where you are right now in your life. This is very important part because you cannot start a journey anywhere if you do not know where you want to go and how long your journey, is there any finish line? Include whatever aspects of your life that you want your personal development plan to cover.

Define your goals and understand what you want to achieve. The most effective way to achieve your goal is to set a time deadline so that you can measure your performance or improvement on a particular scale. It helps you in getting an idea if you're heading in a right direction and achieving what you want or you need to change your action.

Being active to put in practice what we learn is extremely important. That shows to us if we are motivated enough, and also provide a loop of thinking-acting-rethinking which is the way to progress.

Put together a list of actions that will help you to achieve the outcomes on your short term list. It's great if you can identify some steps you can take that will be easily attainable for you. Then you'll see daily or weekly progress, and you'll feel some quick gratification. As you see your steps toward a small goal reaping rewards, you'll appreciate that your larger goal is achievable.

Develop a reward and punishment system for each goal. For long term goals, the approach is similar. Develop personal habits and patterns that will aid in the satisfaction of these goals as well.

You have to be patient and understand success will not come overnight and it will take time, practice, and dedication before you find yourself exactly where you plan to be.

Create a mental picture of success. Picture yourself enjoying the personal development achievement of having already acquired your goal. Feel all the positive emotions that come with this success. Review this mental picture first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Some people when they want to better their lives look around for the path of least resistance. They don't know the idea of what they want from life but just know they want to improve it. They therefore look at many different things and try many different personal development approaches without every really devoting themselves to one objective and never achieving success. From the beginning of your life, development has been the most important key to your growth and accomplishments.

Personal development plan has been the most important key to your growth and accomplishments. Visit and learn more including personal development plan template


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Mar 162014

Team development programmes help business by ensuring that every member of the team has the opportunity to develop both individually and as part of a cohesive team unit. Team working is a vital part of organisational life as it helps to ensure that everybody is working towards the same goal and that every member of the team brings something beneficial to the unit as a whole. It also helps encourage individual team members to be more progressive and offer greater benefit to the company.
Individual performance is vital to the success of a business but so too is team performance. A team works harder and is stronger than the individual members of the team but it can prove difficult for a business to be able to adequately improve on the team performance that they currently enjoy. Through team development programmes, you can enjoy greater overall performance as well as greater individual performances.
The modern organisation is a complex one. It can involve many different teams working on different aspects of the business but every team and every individual should have the same underlying goal, which is to perform on behalf of the company or organisation itself. A team may even incorporate members of other organisations, as well as remote workers, and outsourced team members that are located all around the world.
Regardless of geographic location, you want to ensure that, through team development programmes, everybody working on behalf of your company is providing something beneficial to your business. Team members are typically chosen for their skills but it is your organisation that will have to instil a sense of team in order to succeed.

This means passing the company ethos down from one layer to the next and encouraging greater participation from all.
There are, naturally, a number of teams within your organisation and, within each team, there are many individuals. With such fragmentation it can be easy for disparity to appear in the shape of operational cracks. Team development programmes will help you not to cover up these cracks but to fully repair them and leave, in their place, a more cohesive team unit that is fully prepared and skilled to improve your business.

Contact Cirrus Connect today to find out more about our team development programmes and to see how we can help your business become an effective, efficient and cohesive team.

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Mar 152014

We entertain thoughts like these on a regular basis:

"I wonder what he's getting at?"
"If she is going where I think she's going, I..."
"So what's the point of all this?"
"I wonder if they even know what they're saying!"

When it comes to the art of communication, understanding becomes crucial: especially when the stakes are high.

During high stake times "mind games" become irritating instead of enjoyable, and we aren't interested in visiting our psychology 101 notes in order to discover what is "really" being said.

We just want "to know."

That's why I often appreciate a down to earth, straight forward comment of this nature:

"Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up." (Luke 18:1)**

The statement is, in one sense, refreshing.

Years of study don't need to be spent discerning the correct meaning and biblical application of those eighteen words!

Clear? Yes.
Simple? No doubt.

But easy to apply?


The parable goes something like this...

A judge who doesn't give a rip about God or anyone else hears -- on a *very* regular basis -- the cry of a widow who pleads for a just ruling in her favor.

Time and again she approaches the bench.
Time after time she asks for mercy.

Can't you hear him?

"I tell ya, this gal is driving me nuts. Doesn't she ever give up?

You think she'd get the picture: I don't care!"

However, the man finally crumbles beneath the weight of her constant appeals: "I will see that she gets justice, so that she won't eventually wear me out with her coming." (Luke 18:5)

Then Jesus delivers the PostScript.

He says:

"Listen to what the unjust judge says. And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?

I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly.

However, when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?" (Luke18:6-9)


As I mulled over the purpose of the parable, I recorded a few summary concepts which I now hand off to you for your reflection.

Answering the question, "How does this look in my world?", I wrote down:

1. I pray
2. I pray as a discipline
3. I don't give up (even when others get up and go)

A few related QUESTIONS then found their way into my notes.

1. "What do I care enough about to be *persistent" in prayer for?"

2. "Am I developing a lifestyle that is moving away from -- or nearer to -- this goal (i.e. that of praying, praying as a discipline, and not giving up).

3. "What would it take for me to be able to say:

I'm one of those.
I'm one of those people who pray and don't give up?"

4. "If the Lord were to come at the end of the next 30 days, would he find this kind of 'pray and not give up faith' in the sector of earth I inhabit each day?"


I am continuing to work through *before the Lord* my responses to the questions I created.

The same exercise may prove valuable to you as well.

I would encourage you to read the parable, make notes, design your own questions, and interact with the One whose desire for us is to "always pray and not give up."

Enjoy your time of learning from Jesus,


**All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSIONÆ. NIVÆ. Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

© Lee Wise All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this article. The copyright and this resource box must be included.

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Mar 062014

In order to compete in the increasingly competitive personal health and fitness industry, students and the entry level workforce need an edge over their competition. Along with a sharp increase in demand for the services of professional personal trainers comes stiffer competition. That is why those considering a career in the health and fitness industry needs to invest in one of the many Personal Training Courses available on the market today. This will immediately separate them from the novice and unprofessional, and speak to the students commitment and professionalism to future clients and potential employers.

There are many flukes and suspect companies offering worthless and unrecognized qualifications not worth the paper printed on. If you intend on investing in personal training courses, you might as well do a good job about it. Do the required research to determine that you are dealing with professional companies offering recognized qualifications. This is needed in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Any qualification touted as professionally recognized should at least be endorsed or recognized by various industry regulating bodies.

Discovery Learning offers many different professionally recognized qualifications in the personal health and wellness industry. All of their qualifications receives the REP seal of approval, and provide their students with the edge needed to succeed in the ever evolving industry. Discovery Learning is proud to work with industry leading employers to ensure all their courses are up to date with the latest and leading advancements available to their students, keeping them current with latest trends.

Dedicated tutors with industry experience and more than 13 years tutoring experience are at hand to guide the students through their full or part time personal training courses. Students receive one on one attention and get to practise on cutting edge equipment, preparing them to constructively work with equipment theyll be using on a daily basis. Visit Discovery Learnings user friendly website in order to explore all the possibilities available to you.

Personal Training Courses

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