Jun 162013

In light of events, long past as well as more recent, around this type of internet business program - commonly referred to "GPT' - where you 'get paid to'  compete some action... advertise, click, email, surf, etc.  I am very hesitant in any way recommend anyone to participate particularly when the operators refuse to provide sufficient documentation or even any specific information to support their revenue claims.

You should be aware that many times these types of spurious operations are very restrictive in their selection of methods of completing any purchase transaction - avoiding the easily recognized Visa/Mastercard or Paypal... looking closer, most of the current payment processors accepted could very easily subject to the same government intervention (shutdown) that has affected many similar borderline payment or exchange businesses - do a google search for LibertyReserve, EGold, StormPay, StudioPay to see the history of 'fringe' payment portals

In addition their questionable business model where people are "paid to click on ads" to earn on "ad packs' that they have had to purchase... has been deemed to be questionable at best by many regulatory bodies. Their reliance on additional revenue streams (things sold separately - banner ads, forum ads, fees, etc) was not to enough to determine Get-Paid-To opportunities to be legally compliant - again do a google search for previous programs: StudioTraffic, 12DailyPro, MRA, etc

If outfits like AdHitsProfits, BannerBrokers and HourlyRevShare are so adamant in their status as 'legal'  or in anyway compliant with government regulations , why do they not post their documentation... their Business registration, Banking details, or at the very least their certificate number or better yet a copy of Securities Compliance Certification. For most there is no location information as to where the business is physically operating from, in fact, in just about every instance they refused to even provide even a mailing address or an actual working phone number.

In the case of AdHitProfits, an extremely heavily promoted program at this time... I find it extremely concerning that they choose to operate this business out of a Postal Mail Box Store... specifically PMB #368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1 Bellevue, WA 98007 but they are not a registered business in that city or state... The domain is a brand new domain and only registered for 1 yr... and they have intentionally hidden all the Ownership, Administration and Technical contacts of the website.

The Public face of AdHitProfit is purported to be a Charles Scorville who is known to be the owner of 5-6 PTC sites (most familiar is Infinitybux) that are now either not paying completely, paying selectively or encountering delayed payments... It is extremely telling that quite a few of the long term, active members of the numerous "monitoring community" forums  when asked about him or his site almost unanimously respond with... "uttter scams", "STAY AWAY from this scamming clown and his Sites"... one commentor even referred to him as a Dictator stating that "Charles Scoville said to me: Earning on my sites is a privilege. If you wish to accuse me of wrong doing, I can and will simply deny you service."... this same person stated that after he raised a concern "Charles suspended my account, cleared all my earning balances and referrals."

After a bit of further research the only mailing address in anyway associated with AdHitProfits... is actually extremely closely linked to a James, or Jimmy, Lawson, self-professed Health Expert. who until recently is reported to have operated a 'Cash Advance' business at that location and who also sold audio equipment online but reportedly had all his business accounts suspended due to a substantial number of complaints,  that he was ripping off customers by selling used and sub-standard audio equipment. Equipment believed to have been taken as collateral by his "cash advance" business.

Even more recently Mr Lawson has come under investigation due to being alledged to also be operating various websites that specialize in distribution of hard-core pornography and selling brand medicines - (Viagra, Caverta, Silagra, Kamagra, Zenegra) without a license or permit. This time out of a location that is another  Mail Box Depot... in the Off-shore Tax Haven - a small island off the coast of Africa - specifically PO Box 4513, Le Chantier Building, Frances Rachel St., Victoris, Mahe, Seychelles

In all cases I  was able to find it appears that the chosen webserver, hosting all of these various extremely dubious operations,  is being run out of backroom of a Steak House Restaurant. There seems to be a very strong connection to a management company in Charlotte, NC. operated by a elderly gentleman of European descent known locally as Dr. D or more commonly Dr. “David”... but claims his full legal name to be Dr. Dragan Dabic and claiming to a Mystic Healer.

Ironically this name was an identity that was closely associated with Radovan Karadzic, while he was on the run while he was on Europe’s most-wanted list for war crimes... but turned out to be 66-yr old peasant in a small village in Serbia.

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Jun 152013

Some people call the current generation the ‘me generation'. Quite a large number of sociologists and personality scholars have observed that people are becoming more egocentric and self-centered than ever. Take for example the surge in popularity of SNS or Social Networking Sites, which capitalize on the people's need to build their identities and display and share these identities to other people all over the world. Indeed, this increasing focus on the development of identities has made people to be more and more conscious of their personality. This resulted to more people wanting to improve their selves and prioritize personality development, which is the main reason why NLP courses are very popular these days.

Two of the most common techniques used in modern NLP training are anchoring and the elimination of negative states. NLP practitioners believe that negative states hinder the patients' acknowledgement of their positive traits and characteristics, thus preventing them to move forward and be excellent in their work. NLP training courses intend to improve the participants' personalities by removing the factors that cause them to be in a negative state.

Another technique used for personality development by the NLP approach is anchoring. Anchoring is, perhaps, one of the most well-known and commonly used techniques since the establishment of NLP. Anchoring is very similar to the Pavlovian concept of conditioning. Its aim is to ‘anchor' or condition a person's behavior when triggered by a particular situation. Experts on NLP believe that through this technique, people's reactions to certain stimuli are expedited, thus developing in them a more efficient and improved personality.

NLP training courses offer a lot of benefits, ranging from psychotherapeutic treatment to career growth, but one of the most acknowledged and appreciated benefit of NLP is for personality development.

Moreover, recent developments and innovations in using NLP for personal improvement show that NLP training is indeed one of the fastest growing industries today.

You can enroll in a face-to-face or online class, depending on which you think is more effective. You have to find an organization or school that offers such training courses in your area.

Some concepts of NLP courses may be too technical for most individuals who want to enroll. The truth is that you do not really need to be a psychology expert or a linguist to be able to reap the rewards of taking these classes. Even ordinary individuals can enroll and take advantage of these great psychotherapy courses to improve their lives and be successful in their endeavors.

Ready to learn more about NLP Training and NLP courses? Visit free-nlp.co.uk today for more information!

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