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When we talk about the pyramid, it is one of the strongest and most stable structures known to man. It is used as structure of a government, a business or a school.

The argument, however, is not really about the geometric nature of an organization, but the way the system is operated.

Let us differentiate network marketing from pyramiding and a J.O.B.

Network Marketing:

1. Legal and sustainable business (see: Direct Selling Association or DSA)
2. You are being paid for the work you've completed and/or contributed
3. Aims to help clients
4. Sure success for those with passion
5. Downlines can surpass their uplines earnings
6. Long term business - Where you're in, you are in forever.

Pyramiding or “Ponzi scheme”

1. Illegal and non-sustainable business
2. You are being paid by exploiting greed and gullibility
3. Aims to lure unsuspecting clients
4. Only the first (about 20%) members who joined are likely to succeed
5. Downlines cannot surpass their uplines earnings
6. Short term business - The pyramid collapses after the "Grand Recruiter" or "Crook" runs away

J.O.B. (Joining other’s business)

1. Boss and employee type of business
2. You are being paid according to the agreement between you and your boss
3. The employer prioritizes the company's operation more than its employees
4. Limited success
5. Employees cannot surpass their boss's earnings
6. Employment with the company is uncertain - You are in a rat race

Someone else has to lose money for a person to really make money in a pyramid scam. In network marketing, each person make an effort to build their business by helping others to be successful.

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